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History of Architecture is a 2021 Presentation and Writing Competition, organized by Archiol. Architecture evolved over the centuries, with the rise and fall of civilizations. Architecture is the essence of the history of Human Civilization.

The competition, History of Architecture was looking for presentation board and essay submissions on any of the period from the history of architecture.

1st Prize Winner:
Name: Roshni Gera, Darsan Babu & Arun Kumar
Title: Cultural Coexistence

The Ganga, flowing from the Himalayas, gently making its way through stepped paths of the ghats of Varanasi has a weird resemblance to the history and to a scale, the women of India, the agonies, burdens, and absorbing whatever people choose to throw at her, after all of the obstacles she had to overcome and still finding her way through all the chaos.

2nd Prize Winner:
Name: Mahmoud Mohammed Rabia Hashim Alkhateeb
Title: Gothic Architecture | The era of Cathedrals

Malbork Castle is the striking interior Gothic details that elevate Malbork above all other Gothic castles. The interior is completely filled with delicate vaulted ceilings, a true trademark of the Gothic style. Malbork is one of the wonders of the medieval world that has miraculously survived to this day. The complex – unmatched by any other Gothic castles – is an elaborate blend of religious architecture, which includes a church, abbey and bell tower, along with dramatic fortifications and pointed battlements.

3rd Prize Winner:
Name: Disha Bodra
Title: Egypt’s Legacy

The word Egypt may evoke images of palm trees reflected in the waters of a wide, life-giving river – a long oasis extending along the Nile, but there is another, completely different, Egypt of the desert, fascinating in its isolation. In the modern world, subjected to all the mad speed, noise and vexations, I think of desert as an ideal place for contemplation. Its sublime magnificently pure landscapes beautifully brought to life still bear witness to an unparalleled splendor.

Honourable Mention: 1
Name: Zoe Renwick
Title: The Radical Refusal to Conform

The 1960s and 70s provided a time where the demand for reform began to dominate all members of Italian society. Political, social and economic changes reshaped the lives of those living in Italy and fuelled revolts across workers and students of the time. The “Hot Autumn” of 1969 saw factory workers striking for improved pay and working conditions, and class divisions were prevalent across the country as well as the rest of Europe.

Honourable Mention: 2
Name: Smriti Sharma & Rashi Karkoon
Title: Medieval Period: Arrival of Gothic Architecture and Black Death

Contrary to the modern association of the word “Gothic” to dark and haunted houses or people with black wardrobe and nail-paint wearing ripped fishnets, the Gothic architecture actually introduced sunshine as a major element to the existing architecture. Developed out of Romanesque architecture, it originated in 12th century France and lasted till Renaissance (late 16th CE). Various buildings from the churches to castles and commercial buildings to universities were built during the time period (Chillon Castle in Switzerland, Norwich Guildhall, Hall of Knights, Syria).

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