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Home Futura” design challenge is simple, show us what is home is to you? Use any mediums, video, images, drawings, sketches, models, paintings – and communicate what dwelling means to you and the client you designed it for. The design outcome shall include images 3-4 images, & a small concept statement of what the idea for the home is to you and how it is translated into the built form. The challenge is open for all architects, architecture students, interior designers, interior architects, visualizers, draughtsmen, and creatives globally.

What do you believe will be the changed/adapted/transformed definition of home?

Winners_ Nest house

Home Futura

A house that blends in with the surrounding nature. When a house is built, the number of forests releasing oxygen to the atmosphere increases. A form inspired by a stork’s nest. Constructed of natural and processed materials.

Home Futura

Jury Comments

The way this home is designed to be sustainable is very good. I love the roof structure that collects rainwater and solar energy, as well as the sustainable materials used. I think it would definitely work as an off-the-grid residence. The only concerns are the structural feasibility and the scale of the living space (so far apart)._ Deirdre Renniers

Home Futura

Creative and well-planned design. Big + for critical thinking and finding solutions on a micro and macro scale. The design deals with real problems and tries to find solutions. _ Aleksandra Kurc

Home Futura_ Nest house_ Images

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