Result Announcement | Faith


Posted on: June 30th, 2021

Result Announcement | Faith


There has been a gradual increase in people’s knowledge about Science and Technology as well as other belief systems. Ironically, even though people have started disregarding religion, they don’t disregard visiting a worship place altogether. Worship places are predominantly made religion-specific. Thus, there are no worship places that invite practicing all faith.

Where do people go in search of peace/hope/solitude? What kind of places can resonate such feelings? Consequently, if a Centre inclusive for every faith is to be made, what would such a place look like? Propose an intervention – A Centre for Faith Agnostics. The proposed center should be open to all regardless of their faith.


Winner_ In Between Walls

The project aims to create a hidden underground ‘in between’ space along the existing park. It creates a barrier with the highway with a solid wall while creating permeability in between the current historical remains and the proposed underground hidden space, which makes the ‘in between’ space a living section.



Jury Comments

Ancient city wall creates a group of introspective and parallel space, which are arranged from high to low retreat platforms, like ‘minus city wall’. This structure can create a commemorative and open atmosphere and form a dialogue between history and modernity._ Jingsong Xie


The idea of corridor space is interesting, and the relation between the site and the building is well developed. Although the space is too traversable with no momentum to being still and quiet. The materiality is interesting and achieved. Some aspects of the program aren’t clear._ Vítor Leal Barros


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