Retail of Tomorrow | Winners Announcement


Posted on: September 26th, 2021

Retail of Tomorrow | Winners Announcement


The brief for Retail of Tomorrow was to design a retail store that redefines the traditional market prototype in today’s changing times. The architectural concept for a shop that brings back the lost ritual of buying that improves upon the deficiencies present in the trade process recovers the lost human senses of a buyer, provides the possibility to sense all properties of the good, and cohesively includes such possible solutions.

Winners of the competition are as following:

Winner 1_ CRATE MART

1_Retail of Tomorrow

The CRATE MART revolves around the REHABILITATION of the supermarket retail post-pandemic. The design is an architectural and technological exploration that enables a safer environment for the customers while also redefining one’s supermarket experience, welcoming them back to shop. The design is conceived to be modular in nature.

Explore the entire result of the competition WEBSITE.

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