Reuse Architectural Illusion | Winners


Posted on: January 2nd, 2022

Reuse Architectural Illusion | Winners

Reuse Architectural Illusion, challenge is to design an architecture poster or architecture artwork of an optical illusion, inspired by the concept of Illusory Contours, in two-dimensional illustration.

Illusions are a trick of the eye, and this concept is used far and wide to understand the difference in perception of how we see the world and how it actually is. They are generated when the mind is contradicted between deciding two things that it knows, to be facts. In the late mid-20th century, abstract artists took interest in these illusions and created the genre of optical illusions art, which has blown up ever since. Illusions are used to create a sense of curiosity to attract people to it, and this is used to convey social messages and stimulate minds.

The aim is to create an immersive user experience that can bring out the essence of the theme in its texture, depth, scale, or shapes, with no constraints. The selection (architectural element, building, space, etc.) is the 1st part of the challenge and the 2nd part is representation – both require to be represented and evaluated.


Into the red lines

An illustration going inside of the red lines of Muralla Roja.


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