San Francisco Affordable Housing Challenge Results Announced


Posted on: October 27th, 2020

San Francisco Affordable Housing Challenge Results Announced


Bee Breeders and ARCHHIVE Books have selected winners for the San Francisco Affordable Housing Challenge. A continuation of the affordable housing design series, participants were tasked with somehow making one of the most expensive cities in the world more affordable. Submitted projects incorporate innumerable methods and approaches to this problem, including community co-living facilities, 3D-printed homes, crowd-funded home rehabilitation investment platforms, group home-ownership contracts, stackable modular homes, planning amendments for municipally owned sites, and more. 

First prize was awarded to Martin Pretorius and Raphael Trischler from South Africa for their ‘Rethinking Row-houses and Apartment Blocks’ project. Their modular system looked to use space more efficiently, as well as introducing greenery to the city. Most strikingly, the stacked units integrate a bridge to allow this new community to transverse main streets.

Second prize was awarded to Arseny Pekurovsky, Chon Fai Kuok and Megan Gahlman from the University of Minnesota, USA. Their project ‘Living Room, The Policy of Living Space in San Francisco’ challenged anti-development culture by creating a “living room” – a common space supporting a range of connected living arrangements.

Third prize was awarded to Monica Lamela Blazquez and Sofia Betancur from Spain, whose ‘Home Sweet Home’ project identified the interstate highways as precious, underused spaces within the city.

To see the full jury comments, as well as high-res images of these designs and our BB Green Award winners, visit

First prize Images

Second prize Images

Third prize Images

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