Second Issue release: 2: Landscape as Urbanism in the Americas



NESS and Lots of Architecture – publishers are pleased to present the second issue of our monographic series 2: Landscape as Urbanism in the Americas. The issue reflects on the project of Landscape as Urbanism in the Americas, led by Charles Waldheim and the Office for Urbanization at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and was done with the support of the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies. Curated together with Mercedes Peralta and Jeannette Sordi, it explores the potentials for landscape as a medium for urban intervention in the specific contexts of Latin-American cities.

It is the first publication to put together so many Latin American practices working in the field of landscape. These are grouped in five different themes: Biological Environments, Resilient Grounds, Performative Systems, Revealed Protocols, and Assembled Natures. Finally, a conversation between Charles Waldheim, Florencia Rodriguez, and Luis Callejas deepens the discussion of academic curricula, drawing as representation, political spaces, and the general sensitivity around landscape.


“In 2, there is a very conscious effort to take a critical distance from the usual readings of Latin American projects. We intended to force a degree of reflexive abstraction and encourage new understandings of these practices, posing them as part of a much wider scenario.”

Pablo Gerson & Florencia Rodriguez
Co-founders, NESS and Lots of Architecture –publishers


“Over the past quarter century landscape has been claimed as model and medium for the contemporary city. During this time a range of alternative architectural and urban practices have emerged across Latin America. Many of these practices explore the ecological and territorial implications for the urban project.”

Charles Waldheim
Director, Office for Urbanization, Harvard Graduate School of Design


The issue will be launched online on July 30th 4pm EST with their first Webinar


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The first issue of NESS: Between Cosy History & Homey Technics features the work of Bruther, SO – IL, objects of common interest / LOT, Lena Wimmer, a report on Detroit, and a series of conversations betweeen Stan Allen, Jesus Vassallo, Enrique Ramirez, Mimi Zeiger, Emanuel Christ, Camilo Restrepo, Sharon Johnston, and Florencia Rodriguez.

The second issue of NESS: Mad World Pictures features the work of Michael Maltzan, Ensamble Studio, feminist architecture collaborative, Luis Urculo, Lafeliz, and contributions by Jean-Luc Nancy, Richard Saul Wurman, Adriana Amante, Giuliana Bruno, Fake Industries, Walls of Air, Bruno Latour, Alexandra Arenes, Uriel Fogue, Jesse LeCavalier, Parasite 2.0, Maria Jerez, and Sophia Al-Maria.


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