The bohemian design style | Winner Announcement


Posted on: August 8th, 2021

The bohemian design style | Winner Announcement


The bohemian design style is a 2021 design and writing competition organized by Artuminate. Lack of structure, carefree layering of patterns, colors, and textures are the principles composing this design style. It is a free-spirited design style with personal touches, suiting individual needs.
Artuminate was looking for a conceptual design and write-up submission on the bohemian design style.

Winner 1_The Bohemian Sanctuary
Ionascu Diana


The concept is based on creating a sanctuary destined for all the people having different hobbies, activities as well as culture and religion. The main purpose is to make them feel specific freedom of expression, creation, move, and connection.

Winner 2_The Bohemian
Niaz Ahmed & Sowjanya Madhira


Walking down a bustling street, you come across a thrift store. A unique piece of furniture catches your eye. The city life around inspires you so you decide to buy the old piece of wood. Repair. Repaint. Reinvent. And you now have a piece of exotic-looking furniture set in your living room. Now, is your room Bohemian? Absolutely.

This is the beauty of Boho. It is a style bound to no rules and nobody’s judgment. Bohemian is inspired by people who lead unconventional life. It’s a free-spirited aesthetic rooted in cultural mixing and an artistic sensibility.

Winner 3_Bohemian Design – M: M
Woon Zi Zheng


The title M: M implies Mix and Match, applying the philosophy of sure about attempting to consolidate some specific design elements or components that are very surprising together, similar to chemistry, they react, and new things come out.

Explore the entire result in the competition WEBSITE.

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