The Drawing Board 2021 | Know more about the Wari

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The Drawing Board 2021 | Know more about the Wari


This year’s design challenge for “The Drawing Board” is much more than an architecture contest. Immerse yourself in the study of Wari and discover the higher calling that pilgrims submit to each year.

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Design Program

Velapur, a small agricultural town in the Malshiras Tehsil of Solapur district, serves as a place for rest for the Warkaris, for a night, before resuming their journey onward to Pandharpur.

In the span of one night, a Dindi of around 500 people, collectively engages in Kirtan (the narration of stories, either vocally or through enactment), welcoming the Palkhi into the town, chanting Bhajans (devotional songs and music), apart from cooking, sleeping, and other rudimentary activities. Accommodating the above transient activities for 500 Warkaris using a maximum area of 15,000 sq. ft. in the form of a systematic, open, semiopen, or partially built structure forms the design brief. ‘The Incompleteness in Design or the Design of Partially Completed Structures’ should facilitate temporary additions, interventions by the Warkaris.

Drinking water facilities, parking provisions,s and hygiene, and sanitation are integral to the brief. The proposed intervention should not only recognize and respect the surrounding environment but also should transform and adapt to absorb the activities of the inhabitants of Velapur and be converted into a shanty market, a festive square, or a multipurpose facility with temporary additions.

In addition to the above, the design brief comprises of permanent buildings – A Gram Panchayat office, a small museum or gallery for the display of the collection of sculptures and ruined elements of temples that existed a few centuries ago during the Yadava Period. A design proposal is invited for developing the ruined temple complex and the temple Ghats for the use of various rituals and for tourists to halt while traveling on the highway. The total area of disaggregated buildings can be a maximum of 10,000 sq. ft.

The essence of the design is in the seamless integration of the temporary, partially completed, and permanent buildings.

The Drawing Board 2021 | Know more about the Wari

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Pandharpur Wari – A journey of economic exploration!

Did You Know?

An estimated one million pilgrims travel to Pandharpur each year. With these numbers, the requirement of temporary restaurants, groceries etc. is at its peak in turn benefitting the locals economically. These pilgrims are completely dependent on the local people for purchasing light snacks, puja materials, artifacts and other basic necessities. The combined turnover of this runs in crores.

The Drawing Board 2021 | Know more about the Wari

The concept of ‘MOVING BAZAR’

The concept of a moving bazar is a unique feature of this pilgrimage. Apart from the local sellers, there are people who travel from adjoining states like Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka to set up their markets in the villages from where the pilgrims travel. These include food stalls, pushcarts for tea, shops selling toys and music instruments like veena & mridang amongst other things. Additionally, there are barbers, cobblers, people selling pain balms and many such marketers who also travel with the pilgrims to offer service and earn income.

The bazar travels with the Wari and then they move ahead in the night and place their market in the next village where the pilgrims will be travelling. As people from the adjoining villages come to the place where these Warkaris and the palanquins halt, the marketers find a good market.

The Drawing Board 2021 | Know more about the Wari

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Any full-time or part-time student who is currently studying in an academic year of an architecture college or has completed their final exams in June 2020 can participate from all over the globe.

Key Dates

Registration Deadline: September 09, 2021
Submission Deadline: September 09, 2021
Winner Announcement: September 24, 2021



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