THRONED | Winners Announced


Posted on: December 4th, 2021

THRONED | Winners Announced

Throned  is a  public toilet designed competition. Public toilets were invented in ancient Rome as just a cluster of holes, with seats lined against a wall, where men sat and talked. These spaces were feared since they were prone to fires and rodents. Fast forward to the 1850s, during the great exhibition shows, where the concept of flush toilets was introduced and they became a commercial commodity, in the following year.

Today we have better versions of these public toilets, both single and multiple capacity. The single occupancy, portable toilets are used in large numbers, during outdoor events, in remote tourist spots, or in slum areas, where access to hygienic, city public toilets may be limited.

Portable toilets can accommodate one person anthropometrically and are self-contained. They are functional, but their design scale is restricted due to mobility constraints, which may make the occupant feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable.


Winner 1: xinyu li

Editor’s Choice


Winner 1: Ritu Deshmukh

Winner 2: Василий Горячок

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