WFH2020 -orking from Home Competition Results Announced

WFH2020 -orking from Home Competition Results Announced


Working from home competition is the new international contest of ideas promoted by Archistart in order to experiment future visions on the coexistence between living and work.

The unprecedented current situation dictated by the international health crisis requires us to reflect on remote work and on the sustainability of carrying out our work inside our homes. This strange and unusual situation does not offer guarantees on its foreseeable duration, and imposes on us a temporal uncertainty marked by continuous and sometimes radical change of plans, at many levels, including one of the worlds that interests all of us closely: work ( in general), and the remote one in particular. Remote work has experienced a sudden increase, meeting the urgency imposed by Coronavirus. But can we really define it as a smart working style? Are our houses adaptable to this use? 

233 young professionals TEAMS under 35 of 40 different nationalities took part in the competition.

The jury was composed of Arch. Rita Orlando – Open Design School Matera; Andrea Tabocchini; and two members of the Archistart team, Giacomo Potì and Tommaso Santoro Cayro.

We are very glad to announce the WFH winners 


Name project: Through the Garden Wall

TEAM: SALL –  Ştefan Sălăvăstru, Loredana Enache, Andreea Petre, Laura Ichim

Nationality: Romania 

The project has imagined an innovative housing solution: internal and external spaces merge creating a space where the green elements and the careful selection of essences mark, together with the functional block, all the actions and needs of the young couple, making every single activity a sensorial “experience”. 

WFH2020 -orking from Home Competition Results Announced

WFH2020 -orking from Home Competition Results Announced

2nd  PLACE

Name project: LE PANTHÉON

TEAM: SASEDELI – Denis Sermaxhaj, Lirim Sabedini,

Nationality: Switzerland 

A clear concept project that offers a central space for work and meeting. A simple gesture that through the introduction of steps stimulates unusual uses and relationships, creating residual spaces at the edges that host the service areas. The result is a house with a rich and articulated space crowned by a materiality with a strong and essential character.  

3RD Place

Name project: MobMob Living

TEAM: Sphera – Francesca Berrera, Alessandro Camel Camilloni

Nationality: Italy 

A contemporary house with a smart and functional design. A fluid space that changes creating different scenarios with the simple translation of the three functional blocks that characterize the whole project. Moving the functional elements allows to design different scenarios giving the possibility to separate “family time” and “working time” by creating two environments that live together without ever meeting. 


Name project: The house of the future 2.0

TEAM: boulders collective –  andrea gutierrez lopez, clara araújo, Joao Faria

Nationality: Spain 

An idea of an unconventional fluid environment in which living and working environments merge in a space of high architectural quality. 

Name project: MOVE IT!

TEAM: BOFA – Emma Falasco, Bocher jonathan

Nationality: Italy 

A highly symbolic project, characterized by a compositional clarity in which the rotation of some furnishing elements allows flexibility and organization of the interior spaces according to needs 

Name project: Flexible Flat

TEAM: Félix &amp –   Chloé Bordjah, felix roudier

Nationality: France 

The design proposal not only stands out for its highly refined and expressive graphic quality, but also develops an alternative and very symbolic idea in which a large central area, the center of all activities, gets in contact with all the “services” that are placed radially to edges of the apartment 

WFH2020 -orking from Home Competition Results Announced

WFH2020 -orking from Home Competition Results Announced

WFH2020 -orking from Home Competition Results Announced

 Name project: HOME.

TEAM: DIES –  Laura Libenson, MARIANA DI FLORIO, Catalina Ulloa

Nationality: Argentina 

The design choice is to free up the internal space by placing all the functions on the apartment perimeter within “functional” furniture that can get a space versatility according to needs. 

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