Winners | 6th Annual Inspireli Awards

Winners | 6th Annual Inspireli Awards


Inspireli Awards is the largest international architecture competition enabling new talents to tell their stories and raise awareness about their own world view before they get their chance to build it. It provides a forum for students, recent graduate and well-established professionals to connect to the general public.

On OCT 20 and 21,2021 we held a LIVE Ceremony (watch it HERE) at Czech Technical University, fac. Of Civil Engineering (one of 3 Universities at our Board, along with BME in Hungary and STU in Slovakia) to acknowledge the best designs.

Winners | 6th Annual Inspireli Awards
Concert Hall in the abandoned Church by ALENA KOKUEVA and SILVIYA AL UBED
  • Winners in category Architecture are AGNIESZKA CHUDY and JĘDRZEJ SŁOMIŃSKI from Sopot University, Poland – explore their project “IN BETWEEN” here
  • Winners in category Interior Design are ALENA KOKUEVA and SILVIYA AL UBED from Yaroslavl State Technical University, Russian Federation – explore their project “Concert Hall in the abandoned Church” here
  • Winner in category Urban Design is MAHA AZIZ from The German University in Cairo, Egypt, being historically first winner from the African continent – explore the project “AGORA” here
Winners | 6th Annual Inspireli Awards

We also announced the 2 special Prizes. In the Archicad Prize the winners are:

  • 1st Place:
    Alžběta Bílková (CVUT, CZ) with her project “Floating Concert Hall on the Vltava river”
  • 2nd Place:
    Rasha Mansour (Holon Institute, Israel) with her project “Cultural Memory of Nazareth”
  • 3rd Place:
    Jesus Eduardo Sánchez Cisneros, Jazmín Mejía Rivera, Andrés Lopez Lazaro (UNAM, MEX) with their group project “Casa Agave, The House of Tequila, Pulque and Mezcal”
Winners | 6th Annual Inspireli Awards
Floating Concert Hall on the Vltava river by Alžběta Bílková

Thanks to our partner Graphisoft, the Archicad PRO license is among prizes for winners of Inspireli Awards.

In the Lumion Prize, the best designs’ awards go to:

  • Category Architecture:
    Giorgi Dalalishvili (Georgia), with project “Cinetic House”
  • Category Urban Design:
    Ondřej Fiedler (CVUT, CZ),with project “Searching for Garden City”
  • Category Interior Design:
    Eva Svárovská (CZ), with project “Alfons Mucha Gallery”

Our partner lumiartsoft, local reseller of Lumion for CZ and HU is also our 2D/3D specialist in the FEEDBACKS library given to our competitors at Inspireli Education, giving students more then just a chance to win, but a personalized feedback.

We also designed the CAMPUS of the SLOVAK TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY! This is a 3rd year for a design competition that will help shaping the new face of the to-be-built STU Campus, carrying a sign with the name of the winner. We received 180 projects, 257 participants from 28 countries.

Winners | 6th Annual Inspireli Awards
Campus STU by Jana Jakubičková

In the STU Inspireli Competition, the best designs’ awards go to:

  • 1st Place:
    Jana Jakubičková (STU, SK) – explore the project here
  • 2nd Place:
    Manushache Bekteshi, Zuhejra Osmani (UACS,Macedonia) – explore the project here
  • 3rd Place:
    Michaela Zapletalová (CVUT, CZ) – explore the project here

Honorable mention: Agustina Margarita Muntaner, Nuria Muñoz Polanco, Jesús Castro (UN Tucuman, Argentina) – explore the project here


Full photo gallery of the Winners Announcement ceremony is in the NEWSROOM.


INSPIRELI AWARDS 7th Annual is already OPEN for registration (ends July 14, 2022) – submit your new projects and win the NEW ADDITION of the WINNER’s PRIZES – Win what you DESIRE.

New year comes with new prize, and what is better than help a member of Inspireli Family to make his architecture-connected wish come true. Dream up, and Inspireli will fulfill to its highest possibility. Read more here.


The Design competition for this year is the Renewal of Port of Beirut, a humanitarian aid focused competition organized with Municipality of Beirut and OAE-Beirut to help the city stand back up on its feet after the explosion of the port.

Inspireli is always FREE OF CHARGE, so that all students can shine and improve the world with their talents.


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