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Live x Learn” brief: The fundamental aspects of learning in the coming decades – with more open learning technology, this challenge engages with a skyscraper that serves as both – A University (Public) and Housing Tower (Private). With the increasing demand for housing and the growing popularity of working from anywhere, the commute will slowly lose relevance for a lot of emerging job sectors in the future.

Design challenge: How will your idea of a tall building that houses these two evident typologies of today give birth to a more hybrid future?

Winners_ Equilibrium

These annex structures are placed onto the existing buildings and act like plug-ins; they create a symbiotic relationship with the building it attaches to.


Jury Comments

The various sequences in this project are dealing with the interdisciplinary fusion of urbanization and architecture design that define the development scheme with the existing contextual surrounding. The edges between the building and the city remain the least resolved aspect of the project, yet overall a consistent, compelling spatial design concept for the competition brief._ Ben Gitai Juror 


Sublime photomontage. The concept is very interesting and innovative. The placement of “annexes” to existing buildings reminds Lebbeus Woods, but with a different aesthetic.


A well-designed program, albeit in a utopian concept, because the maintenance of infrastructures is not possible with other structural loads and with other needs, for example, energy, but very interesting, a well-designed project with excellent communication. _ Luisa Bebiano 

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