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Last Submission Date: Feb 16th 2021

Last Registration Date: Feb 14th 2021

Language: English

Country: Italy

Prizes: Total € 20,000

Type: Open Competition

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About Competition / Awards

YAC – Young Architects Competitions – BT Group​  and Marina di Loano launch LEISURE HARBOR, a competition of ideas aiming to re-design one of the 10 most important marinas of Europe.


Regardless of one’s origins, everyone is somehow fascinated by harbors.

The sound of the siren, the pungent salty smell in fall foggy nights, the rumble of the wind and the roaring of the waves in turbulent winter days. There are numerous nuances that connote seashores. Yet, there is a constant touch of mystery when cities immerse in the sea. There is always a sense of tenderness when waves are tamed.

For centuries, harbors have been more than places. They have been the scene of adventures, a jumble of cultures and oddities of all kinds. They have been the place where memories become stories, stories turn into legends and legends often become myths.

In times forged by the industry, the race to the space and the rumble of shuttles, harbors seem to be outdated places that are frequently desolate or heavily industrialized. They are now severed from the cities they once used to liven up as cultural epicenters and beating hearts.

What is the role of harbors in the web and smartphone era then?

This is the question Leisure Harbor aims to answer. This is the competition by BT and Marina di Loano to define the future of harbors by redesigning one of the 10 most important marinas of Europe. It is indeed a remarkable opportunity to rediscover harbors as lively places, city epicenters overlooking the sea and privileged cultural and social places.

The current world has indeed moved its barycenter. Great explorations are not carried out with compasses or sails billowed by the wind anymore. Yet, now more than ever the world needs dreams. Now more than ever the world needs beauty and a return to nature. In this sense, harbors are an extraordinary opportunity. Harbors are the place of the soul and not just nautical infrastructures. This is because harbors are the beginning and the end of the most outstanding adventures. This is also because harbors are the most recent expression of the atavistic impulse to the unknown that roars and will always roar behind the rational composure of all times.


Manuel Aires Mateus

PatrickLüth (Snøhetta)

Huang Wenjing (OPEN Architecture),

Paolo Matteuzzi (Zaha Hadid Architects)

Gianluca Mazza (Marina di Loano)

Luigi Pignocca (Municipality of Loano)

Aldo Caballini (Municipality of Loano)

Giovanni Palazzi (STAGEUP)

Aristide Radaelli  (BT Group)


1st  PRIZE 10.000 €

2nd   PRIZE 4.000 €

3rd  PRIZE  2.000 €

4 GOLD MENTIONS  1.000 €  each



Requirements / Eligibility

Anyone can take part in this call for ideas, for details eligibility requirements, please check the Rules PDF.

Submission / Key Dates

30/11/2020 early bird registrations- start

23/12/2020 (h 23.59 GMT) early birdregistrations- end

24/12/2020 standard registrations-   start

17/01/2021 (h 23.59 GMT) standard registrations- end

18/01/2021 late registrations- – start

14/02/2021 (h 23.59 GMT) late registrations- end

16/02/2021 (h 12.00- midday- GMT) Materials submission deadline

About the Organizer

According to YAC, Architecture is the discipline that composes and structures the spaces where Man acts. It responds to numerous and different needs, through always-different expressions based on the intellect and creativity of each designer. We truly believe that the architetural problem cannot be solved just with a mere formal research, with functionalism, with the economy or technology of the artifact: in fact, the solution is made up of the aformentioned suggestions, composed and structured according to each designer’s personality and sensitivity. YAC hopes to foster highly-contemporary projects: these shall present clear traits of temporality and personalization of the use of the architectural space.

“Idea” is the key word, “architecture” is the answer and “project” is the tool to transform creative intuition into an object prefiguration.

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