Day 10 | Introduction to Luchbox



Date: 25.06.2020

Software used: Rhinoceros 6, Grasshopper, Lunchbox

Tools Used: Mesh, Scale, Contour, Loft, Project, Area, Move, Evaluate Surface, Plane Normal, Text, Panel, Merge, Orient, Open Nest, Transform, Bounding Box, Move to Point, Vector 2pt, Brep Edges, List Item, Explode, Label Edge, Face to Face Angles, List Length, Series, Construct Point, Join Curve, Offset, Rotate.

The session was to generate drawings for different kinds of model in grasshopper to rhino for fabrication. For this two exercises were done. First exercise was to generate contours of a site and generate panels for fabrication with each panel labelled in sequence. In the second exercise, the shell done in the previous day session was chosen. In this, two options were done. In the first case, the triangulated surfaces were labelled for fabrication. In the second scenario where the same triangulated panels were converted into framed panels and labelled for fabrication.

Generated contour curves from a surface in grasshopper.


Contour curves and the curves projected normal to the contour curves are lofted.


Centroid of each surface created after the loft was generated.


Normal plane at the centroid was generated.


All the individual panels were re oriented at origin (0,0,0 axis).


Panels rearranged in XY Plane and labelled.


Shell chosen as geometry for fabrication.


The normal of each individual triangle was generated and labelled.


Panels laid in XY Plane.


Panels labelled.


Vertices of each panel were modified to generate surfaces for overlap when assembled after fabrication.


Vertices of each triangle being labelled.


Surface panels converted into framed panels.


Each member of the frames was laid for fabrication.


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