A+Noima Office

A+Noima Office


  • Practice: A + Noima Office
  • Website: aplusnoima.ro/
  • Firm Location: Iași
  • Country: Romania
  • Year: 2017

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Alexandra Berdan

Alexandra Berdan graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the “Ion Mincu” University of Bucharest and founded the architecture studio A+noima in Iasi, Romania. With ten years of experience accumulated both abroad (Portugal, the Netherlands and Germany) and in Romania, Alexandra believes in the power of meaningfully built spaces. Through simple but powerful gestures, clear ideas, and an economy of means, Alexandra manages to compose spaces and buildings whose personality and generosity positively affect those who benefit from them. The several prizes she won over the years are a testament to the profound way in which he understands and practices architecture.



Ancuța Ipati

Ancuța Ipati graduated from the Faculty of Architecture „G.M. Cantacuzino ” of Iași. She started her professional practice at an architecture office in Spain, in the centre of Madrid, then continued as an architect in several offices in Iași, Romania. Since 2017, Ancuța has been part of the A+noima team, with which she builds meaningful projects, different in scope and scale, from interior design to houses and factories.





Practice Ideology

A+noima is an architecture studio founded in 2017 in Iași, Romania.

Through simple gestures, bright ideas and a responsible approach toward resources, A+noima creates and shapes meaningful experiences that enrich people’s lives. From “factories and mills” to cribs and dens, A+noima designs spaces that offer, with generosity, more than a response to a given problem. They bring more space, lighter, more utility, or simply a joy. The office does not aim to assemble beautiful images but rather develop strategies that leave situations open to further developments. To conceive spaces that can adapt to an ever-changing context. Places to let life happen naturally.

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