Apaloosa Estudio de Arquitectura y Diseño

Apaloosa Estudio de Arquitectura y Diseño


  • Practice: Apaloosa Estudio de Arquitectura y Diseño
  • Website: apaloosaarquitectos.com/
  • Firm Location: Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas
  • Country: Mexico
  • Year: 2015

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Luis Armando Gómez Solórzano (Principal Architect)

Carlos Berdejo Mandujano (Principal Architect)

Xóchitl Abigaíl López Trujillo (Principal Architect)

Practice Ideology

Just recently, quality buildings have been built in Chiapas, with healthy development of construction currents and techniques; however, there is a problem with a lack of visibility. Historically, as a province far from the country’s large production centers, its frontier location means that its processes are unknown and undocumented; instead, ideas built on prejudices emerge. Added to this, its architectural production has not been accompanied by discourse or documentary support that does it justice.

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