Bruno Dias Arquitectura

Bruno Dias Arquitectura


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Bruno Lucas Dias

Bruno Dias is an architect graduated from University of Arts in Coimbra (ARQA), in 2007. After graduating he went work to Algeria, Switzerland and France. Returning to his home country, he opened his own atelier Bruno Dias Arquitectura, in Ansião.





Practice Ideology

Establish in 2012, the atelier focused on try to provide the perfect harmony of what the client wants and the symbiosis of what the spaces provides. The majority of the projects are materialized in concrete, pine wood and glass. We believe that our materials have to be genuine, so we try not to work with any imitations. 

In 2017, Bruno Dias Arquitectura has Moinho das Fragas one of the projects select in PNAM’17 (National Architectural Prize in Wood). And, more recently, Âmago House has been one of the projects selected to receive: Architecture MasterPrize 2022 (Residential Architecture-Single Family category); and Jovens Arquitectos 2022. Currently, the atelier has mostly worked on housing- single family, equipment and services projects.

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