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Inspace Architects


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Wahidur Rahman Adib

Mr. Wahidur Rahman Adib is an accomplished architect and the CEO and Managing Director of Inspace Architects Ltd., a leading architectural firm in Bangladesh. With a passion for architecture, Mr. Adib embarked on his career in 2004 after graduating from Khulna University with a degree in Architecture. Over the course of his career, Mr. Adib has gained extensive experience and expertise in the field of architecture. His commitment to excellence and his ability to conceptualize and create modern, functional, and unique buildings have set Inspace Architects as a benchmark for modern architecture in Bangladesh. He strives to create buildings that not only meet the needs of the clients but also leave a lasting impact on the architectural landscape.


Practice Ideology

Inspace Architects is a renowned architectural firm known for its dedication to producing innovative and sustainable designs. By combining creativity, functionality, and environmental consciousness, they create exceptional architectural experiences that uplift communities and shape the urban landscape. Inspace Architects is dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction, and their commitment to excellence is evident in their ability to create exceptional architectural experiences that positively impact communities. Their commitment to sustainability is evident through their incorporation of eco-friendly practices, energy efficiency, green spaces, and environmentally responsible materials. From residential complexes to commercial spaces and public buildings, their diverse portfolio showcases their thoughtfulness and innovation in redefining the future of architecture.

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