Miguel de la Torre mta+v

Miguel de la Torre mta+v


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Miguel de la Torre

Miguel de la Torre is a Mexican architect known for his designs based on textures, materials and neutrality in applying colour palettes, which achieve an adequate balance and shape the spaces.

Miguel de la Torre studied architecture with a deep love for art, music, painting, drawing, assembling and researching at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. His activities as a student were quickly combined with his activities as a professional since he joined the working world in the second semester of his career. His natural restlessness and ease of integrating into different teams have allowed him to partner with important architecture and interior design firms. Miguel de la Torre has been working passionately and living architecture with many achievements for 25 years. He is currently dedicated to teaming up with clients who share his honesty and passion for architecture.

Practice Ideology

MT Arquitectos was born in November 2002 by joining two architecture firms collaborating since 1989 (MTC Arquitectos and ARQME). From that moment on, MT Arquitectos is consolidated as one of the most reliable offices in the executive development of projects in Mexico.

We currently have a team of architects, engineers and designers, together with an extensive network of consultants and engineers we collaborate with in developing projects. The internal team and external collaborators are organized under the direction of the architect Miguel de la Torre Carrillo.

The professionalism and quality of our team’s work have allowed MT Arquitectos to grow solidly and steadily, diversifying its offer and specializing in different services and products. Our main line of business is Architectural Design.

MT Arquitectos works with national and international law firms and developers, with the most recognized firms in Mexico and abroad, providing the necessary infrastructure to manage the execution of medium to large-scale projects comprehensively.

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