• Practice: Saransh
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • Country: India
  • Year: 1994

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Malini Doshi

Graduated from CEPT University in 1990 and is the second Founding Partner of Studio Saransh. With a design philosophy that draws from traditional wisdom to ideate solutions for contemporary issues, she strives to carry forth the idealism from her first days as a designer. Leading the design initiative for Kumbh camps since 2004, she has imbued each iteration with a specific regional character to create fully equipped mini transient cities.

Manish Doshi

Graduated from CEPT University in 1990 and founded Studio Saransh in 1994. With a user-oriented design philosophy, he has been striking a balance between the needs of the client and his own creative vision – a constant and diligent process that forms the core of the ethos of Studio Saransh. His personal approach to design is rooted in pragmatism and this requires a sincere attempt to understand and respond to the context.

Malay Doshi

currently a partner at Studio Saransh, graduated as an architect from CEPT University in 2016. Being the son of two architects, he has grown up to admire good design. The need for a well scripted experience of space has become quintessential to his notion of existence. Having recently been a part of the Glenn Murcutt Masterclass, Malay has a new found desire to resolve a design down to its core idea, hence finding beauty in simplicity.

Neel Jain

is a graduate of CEPT University in India and is now passionately working towards integrating computation and technology with systems and processes in current architecture practices, as a partner at Studio Saransh. He has also been assisting various courses on Visualisation, Construction, and Architectural Design for the past four years.


Purvi Tank

a graduate from Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University has won the ‘Doshi We Know’ (DWK) Fellowship for her proposal on a child-friendly city. She aims to build ‘Just Cities’, by a careful reading of behavioural patterns of spaces and people. This interest and focus is an outcome of her journey where she has extensively worked with urban design and community outreach initiatives. For her, design is always about ‘resilience’ in all its complexities.

Kaveesha Shah

is an interior designer with a keen interest in graphic design and illustration. She is a graduate from Faculty of Design, CEPT University, and is currently a partner at Studio Saransh. She strongly derives her design language and character from the user and their narratives, as much as her own interpretation of their needs. She believes that everything the user spatially engages with, should not only be highly relatable but act as a tangible extension to themselves.

Practice Ideology

Saransh is an architectural partnership firm, based in Ahmedabad, India, operating in the fields of architecture, planning and interior design. Saransh’s design approach revolves around the need for inclusivity in the contemporary age.

Their design approach has two layers to it: first, understanding the requirements of the clients and coming up with a detailed brief, and second, heading into conceptualising, designing and detailing based on those requirements. This approach allows a great amount of variation in our design and helps create different identities for similar project types.

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