Stempel & Tesař architekti

Stempel & Tesař architekti


  • Practice: Stempel & Tesař architekti
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Prague, Dejvice
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Year: 2008

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Ján Stempel

Professor Ján Stempel has become one of the leading respected Czech architects in his 40 years of experience. He gained his first experiences at the legendary SIAL studio, then used these experiences as co-owner of the ADNS office. In order to attend to each project personally and carefully, he left his regular large office and became a teacher at the Faculty of Architecture of CTU in Prague. Here he raised his new partner.

Jan Jakub Tesař

A generation younger, his office partner had the opportunity to experience top architecture in the Netherlands while studying at the prestigious University of Delft and a job internship at Jeanne Dekker’s renowned architecture office. During his graduation from the Faculty of Architecture in Prague, he was approached by his professor and the head of his diploma project for cooperation. And here begins the history of the Stempel & Tesař.

Practice Ideology

We care about the environment we live in. This is why we create elegant and original houses that serve to the last detail, bring quality Czech architecture closer to the people in the book edition and pass on our experiences to young talents at the Faculty of Architecture.

Responsibility, service and humility are fundamental pillars of our thinking. We do not lack courage, curiosity and a desire for new solutions. The goal is always a reasonable and flawless outcome.

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