Studio ii

Studio ii


  • Practice: Studio ii
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  • Firm Location: Surat, Gujarat
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2015

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Mitul Desai

After finishing his M.Arch from Washington university in St.Louis in 2008, Mitul joined Studio Mumbai for a short internship. This engagement grew and continues even after a decade as a collaborator for publications, exhibitions and installations in India and abroad. Through these years Mitul continued to teach as a visiting faculty in various design institutions and maintained a small architectural practice in his hometown, Surat. Mitul established Studio ii with Priyank Parmar in 2015.




Priyank Parmar

Priyank, since his childhood, have been oriented towards mechanics, materials and making. Following his interest, he graduated as an architect from S.C.E.T., Surat in the year 2008. After working as project architect in a Delhi based architecture firm, he moved to Italy to peruse his postgraduate studies in 2010. His time in Politecnico di Milano provided him vital exposure to the European contemporary architecture and world of industrial & product design. In 2013, Priyank moved back to India and joined Studio Mumbai Architects for a year. Working in potent environment of SMA workshop in alibag helped him synthesize his understanding about architecture.

He returned to Surat in 2014 and started a small practice along with Mitul Desai, which was later named Studio ii. He is also academically associated with the S.C.E.T. Architecture department since several years.

Practice Ideology

Studio ii (aye-aye) is a two-part architectural practice based in surat. They are engaged in a variety of projects that are conceived and built with care and attention, constant dialogue and debates with everyone involved is the process of making. There is a continuous really of ethos and information between the partner that ensures that the project are consistently reviewed internally and all their aspects. Independent research and academia feed into the practice and become valuable in expanding the knowledge bas and value system of how projects are conceived and built.

The Tw0-Part Practice make it possible to bridge –

Intuition and Rational – Emotion and Logic – Whim and Poise – Lore and Knowledge.

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