tHE gRID Architects

tHE gRID Architects


  • Practice: tHE gRID Architects
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  • Firm Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2002

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Snehal Suthar was born in a carpenter’s family and always saw small ideas developing into enormous results. When he sees end users happy and enjoying the design and understanding the meaning the feeling had a lasting impression and motivated him to choose this line of profession.

Bhadri Suthar was always inclined towards art and craft and at a very young age chose this path. For both its not just a profession but its their passion. Snehal is a civil engineer and has also done his Masters in sustainable Architecture Design and Bhadri (spouse – wife) is an Interior Designer from APIED Gujarat India.

Practice Ideology

tHE gRID is an architecture firm based in the bustling city of Ahmedabad Gujarat India and was established about 15 years back. Snehal has done his maters in sustainability and Bhadri is an Interior designer from APIED vidyanagar Gujarat.

tHE gRID Architects is a multidisciplinary design firm which incorporates an array of design combinations and experiences, qualification and skills and deeply committed to excellence.

Snehal Suthar and Bhadri Suthar, have set a mandate for contextual design, something that is timeless. Therefore, our designs are founded in simplicity and clarity, and create structures that are closely connected to the earth. While we strive towards compelling and dynamic spaces, we do so by combining clarity with quiet and thoughtful innovation; we endeavour to achieve the delicate balance of order and invention followed by integrity in work.

Our architecture and interiors are mindful of international standards of designs, including those for the physically challenged, known as Barrier free spaces and Green and sustainable buildings and spaces.

The people are becoming more conscious about sustainability and save environment. The future of design is learning from the roots and implementing in today’s technology. Our office/firm follows the philosophy of truth and honesty. The approach of the design philosophy of the firm was sensitivity to the profession chosen and the passion towards it.

Our approach is a conscious effort to avoid unnecessary clutter / cosmetic. Anything which is functional is efficient is meaningful and truthful. our designs are founded in simplicity and clarity and create structures that are closely connected to the earth. While we strive towards compelling and dynamic spaces, our aim is to design contextually and more and more with local material and local craftsmen. Our philosophy follows Close to nature and timeless design. A challenge that satisfies and thrills simultaneously animates us.

As part of our contribution towards our profession we are visiting faculty and members of jury panel at NID and NIFT and various architectural institutes.

Our endeavor has always been to satisfy the environmental and meaningful aesthetic needs simultaneously. We are very versatile in our portfolio from architecture to landscape to interior to specialized furniture design, all incorporated by sustainable and environmentally friendly designs. For us DESIGNING IS A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.

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