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Say Architects


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Yan Zhang

Yan Zhang has worked in multiple international architecture and landscape design practices, including STEVEN HOLL Architects, Spatialpractice, BAM & Kooo Architects, and participated in diverse projects and competition. Years of practice give Yan a very personal and creative design method, he combined the idea of motion picture with space design, the method proved to be efficient and innovative after multiple successful projects.

Jianan Shan

Jianan Shan has worked in Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects as an architect and participated in multiple architecture projects and competition, Jianan created his own brand for clothing PHEW & Littlenap Hotel, he has a very unique perception on marketing and branding.

Practice Ideology

Say is a universal way for one to express a feeling or spread information. It is the most efficient and easy way for humans to communicate with others. Orally say something is momentary, flexible and co-authored. say could also be textual and physical, as it extends to writing something, then it becomes permanent, immutable and authored. say architects try to articulate our design as a thought, a message or a story. It can be either virtual and physical, momentary and permanent, flexible and immutable. The way we propose and express become as crucial as the result of the design. Say try to discover a unique and valuable character within each project with the client. The character then, explored and developed by say through various medium, evolves from a concept or story into a physical atmosphere, the design process becomes a co-authored word or sentence created and said by both the client and us.

As an award-wining innovative design team, say architects focusing on architecture, interior and landscape design. Our office is located in Hangzhou, lead by Yan Zhang and Jianan Shan. Both Yan and Jianan had years of experience practice in multiple internationally-honored design studio before co-founding say architects. Projects said by say architects has been published in numerous renowned media and magazines, including Elle Deco, Dezeen, Archdaily, Gooood, Designboom, Frame, Hinge and etc.

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