DS2 Architecture

DS2 Architecture


  • Practice: DS2 Architecture
  • Website: www.ds2.in/
  • Firm Location: Bangalore
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2008

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Mueen Haris

Mueen’s practice lies at the intersection of architecture, products and research. Through his works, he constantly questions the very fundamentals of design and user interaction with built spaces and develops methodologies that are frugal, efficient and sustainable. At the core of his design philosophy lies empathy and a deep sense of understanding, for the environment , the user and the people who build it. He started DS2 in 2008 along with Ar. Savan Kumar. It started as only a design studio evolved to provide turnkey solutions to bridge the gap between the drawing board and the craft. He graduated in architecture in 2005 from University Vishveshwarya College of Engineering, Bengaluru.

Savan Kumar

After graduating B.Arch from Bangalore University in 2006, has had the opportunity of leading teams through prestigious projects at reputed design firms like CnT and Edgar Demello Architects. His partnership at DS2 started in 2010. He believes in the power that a central idea holds in generating a built space in response to the context. All through the design process, he strives to consciously craft the experiential qualities of the contained space and the built form itself, by deliberating attention from the programme level to the finer details that bind the materials together. A well informed collaborative approach in synthesising a product is at the core of his design practice.

Practice Ideology

Their fundamental design principles are driven from the context and client aspirations. All the design propositions are well informed by the place, functionally resolved and aesthetically blended or muted. Hence asserting that the practice is not language-driven. They believe that architecture should be more about the spatial experience rather than the visual impact. DS2 disregards the idea of a creative genius. Good architecture can only be achieved by a team of sensible individuals through design, dialogue and discourse.

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