Obra Arquitetos

Obra Arquitetos


(“Text as submitted by Architect”)

João Paulo Daolio

He was born in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil. He studied at the University of Architecture of São Paulo ( FAU USP ) from 1998 to 2004 and Technical University of Delft TUDelft ) in Delft, Netherlands, in 2002.

He coordinates the Obra Arquitectos office from his foundation in 2004. Since then he has developed projects from various programs and scales, as well as collaborated with the architects Angelo Bucci (SPBR architects), Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Marcos Acayaba, Mario Biselli, and Baldomero Navarro.

Practice Ideology

Technique and Freedom

The architecture covers diverse subjects with many possibilities of reading. The good practice of architecture is born from an exercise of freedom. Freedom of questioning, innovation, creation and experimentation. Whether as a reflection or as a guide, it must be taken into account that the exercise of freedom should serve as a tool and support for human development, mainly looking for the new and making use of the capacity of architecture to discover and solve problems.

In this way, aware of the breadth and scale of the buildings that we project, we have an immense research field in the sense of seeking to understand the opportunities that each place offers, as well as cultural and human characteristics in the broadest sense to, through of the ingenious and sensitivity of the architect, proposing solutions of a rational, ecologically sustainable and socially just mode of occupation. Finally, the choice of the most appropriate construction technique, specific to each project, allows us to make it possible and achieve the best results for this particular construction.

It is through technical knowledge and its development that the construction of this freedom is made possible, an inherent characteristic of the profession of the architect who builds.

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