RC Architects

RC Architects


  • Practice: RC Architects
  • Website: rcarchitects.in/
  • Firm Location: Mumbai / Bangalore
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2015

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Rohan Chavan

Rohan Chavan is an architect and designer based in Mumbai. He is the founder and owner of RC Architects a design practice that engages with projects and issues related to public and community sanitation, urban design, affordable and low-cost housing, single family houses, space design and institutions.



Practice Ideology

Rohan’s unique approach towards living patterns and bold spaces are the highlights of his design practice. He loves to fuse modern materials in a vernacular pattern, creating spaces rich in natural light and landscape. 

He believes that “Architecture as a science emerged from Man’s humble need for shelter. A ‘home’ is the purest form of design. However, modernized the skin, the spirit of a home is its timelessness, where architecture transcends fashion. Beyond a room with sturdy walls, a roof, a window, a hearth, all else is luxury.”

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